Thursday, 5 July 2018

The Genocide of the Recognition of Armenian Genocide

Several years ago, the Armenians from Romania and Italy asked me to help them to obtain the recognition of the Armenian genocide by Turkey.
Every time, when I offered them the opportunity to solve this issue, I was hit by their obstacles, the Armenians only.
In 2017 they sent a person who, since 2001, lived only to make me trouble, a person from the Romanian secret services attached at the UN counter-terrorism, but who protects terrorists, a person involved, along with other of his colleagues, in financial and stock market frauds, involved in the 2016 coup in Turkey etc....all of this using his position like Freemason also.
On June 25th, I understood, after talking face-to-face with a person from and at the Armenian embassy in Rome, that Armenia is not interested in obtaining genocide recognition; the Armenians have used genocide recognition to blackmail me to accept a villain, Nicola, who lives in London and is a relative of that worm who makes me troubles, Fabrizio Pezzopane  ( like others worms from Società Aquilana dei Concerti ''B. Barattelli'' L'Aquila).
After this day, I understand that for Armenians the recognition of genocide is just a bullshit, that they are not interested, that they used this pretext only to blackmail me for the benefit of the L'Aquila mafia.
I'm sorry about the good-natured Armenians who are fooled by such villains, including the embassy staff.
At this point, for me, the Armenian genocide has never existed.

Friday, 6 April 2018

April 6

All that I made on April 6, 2009, for L'Aquila I made only because I had to keep a promise to a man who died (killed) for me, M.Mancini, my godfather. After 8 years in this city, I regret every second that I spend to help those worms because in L'Aquila don't leave humans, are only worms, thieves, criminals, liars and corrupts. All in this city are guilty of the crimes what those worms made because in this city all know all but any of them speak or respect the law.
Any of them deserve mercy neither from God because they don't respect either the G-d's 10 commandments.
I wish that I never made that promise because like that I would be far away from those criminals, with human beings, with my family...

I am very disgusted by all Italians!

Wednesday, 21 February 2018


Teodolinda Musat

21 February 2018 at 15:03
To:,, "" <>, gabinetto <>,,,

Subject : #metoo

I am forced to make the accusation online because those criminals
control the Italian police and Ministry of Justice. Therefore, from
now all my accusation will be online and public, too, on the social
network, like that the entire world can understand the Italian
corruption. I don't give a shit on the warning to my life from these
I accus for stalking:
1.Gen. Raffaele Suffoletta, from Gignano, L'Aquila
He went all over the place- USA, at the Freemasons; Dubai- at the Al
Maktoum, Russia etc to make me problems with my friends. He and his
organized crimes ( he is a friend of Antonio Mariani, Riccardo
Sindoca,  Annalisa Petrilli, Demetrio Moretti, Marco Speranza and the
lover of Maria Teresa Speranza) decided in 2010 at the Villaggio
Mimose, Porto Sant'Elpidio to make me problems)
2. Alberto Guido Scalfaro from Torino and administrator of the Puma
Ecosystem, Bulgaria and Digital Generation, Romania
He declared to all in Romania that he is my future husband, he
informed the Turkish officials that he has a legal proxy from my side
to represent me and he made me troubles in Turkey. He is also a friend
of Annalisa Petrilli and Demetrio Moretti.

Teodolinda Musat
San Martino Picenze, l'Aquila, Italy
phone 0039 350 088 0225

PS: Let see if the Italian corrupted police and attorneys will do their jobs now

Sunday, 18 February 2018

The Last of the Freemasons

This title comes from a very famous book ''The Last of the Mohicans'' (by J.F. Cooper) because the ''evolution'' of the Freemasons of our days reminds me of this book and the similarities between them and the disappearance of the true Freemasons. True Freemasons have disappeared a long time, instead remained a rabble of ignorant, criminals and thieves who claim to be Freemasons.
Right now, in the Masonry, there are only bipedal specimens. but who do not have the backbone. They can not be considered Freemasons but only people who want to take advantage of the ancient name and influence of the true Freemasons. From what I have seen and from the experience I have had with Freemasons since I was born, I can declare that the Masonry (including all Masonic orders) is just a mud pit where worms carry out miserable activities. The Freemasons of those days are only the disgusting worms and I do not want to have anything to do with these miserable ones.
That's why all those villains of Freemasons, Temples, Teutons, Maltese, etc., who go around the world after my ass to make me problems claiming I'm ''something'' for them to stay far away from me and my life. If until now, those Freemasons who have been protecting that cannibal bitch who killed my child, who have been helped by Romanian Secret Services (including by the father of my child; about this villain I will write soon) and by the Musat family, who gave her all information what she needed to become ''me'', I recommend to all of them to keep that psychopath and to let me in pace.  

For me, the Last of the Freemasons on earth have been my grandfather and my godfather.

Monday, 12 February 2018

The corruption of the Italian Ministry of Justice, L'Aquila

The corruption of this damned country, Italy, is the reason for what I lose 8 years from my life here, instead to be with my family, to have my children and to live in peace. The blackmails, the hypnotic programs, lies, manipulations and the warnings used by those criminals, to keep me here also now, are connecting with the corruption.  Those criminals are only worms, they are not humans!
Before my departure to Bahrain, Marco Speranza met with one of his relatives, from the Petrilli family, who told him that I will return because on the papers with my predictions that they have been stolen from me, I will return and I will go to the Attorney's Office at a person, Roberto.It's true; I returned and went to the Procura where I was sent to a certain Roberto M. of the National Anti-Mafia Directorate. After, how well I understood. they had already spoken with that person who did not even give a damn for what I wanted to say (information on corrupt employees from the Prosecutor's Office di L'Aquila involved in the Turco case and the mafia that operating within the Ministry of the Interior, especially in L'Aquila).I understand that he is also corrupt when he has to call a certain Gianfranco to tell him that I am in the offices of the Prosecutor. At that point, I said that I need a restriction order for the Musat family and he directed me to deputy prosecutor  R. D'Avolio. Even this name was known to me by these criminals because a short time ago I heard when they said that if I will arrive at D'Avolio, ''they can rest assured because they can pass it smoothly with her''. It's true ... they pass it smoothly with this corrupt person ... who ''forgot '' to contact me after she spoken with a man who had my file ... she's always busy (to cover crimes, rape, paedophiles, seizure of people by a damn mafia family of shit that has infiltrated at all levels and structures of the Ministry of the Interior and the Vatican's Secret Service). I'm talking about the same damned Petrilli-Mariani family who also killed my godfather Mancini and that has held me prisoner in this hideous country of shit for 8 years.Their relatives from Questura and Public Prosecutor's Office have '' clean '' even the trace of this murder as they did with all the evidence that relates to their crimes against me and my family, as they destroyed the evidence in case Turco etc.Regarding Turco case I heard two people talking about: one is Fabrizio Citriniti (who said that they(the investigators) cannot find anything because the person, with whom he spoke in a safe place, solved all problems) and another person, who works for Ministry of Giustizia (Procura), '' Nina '' Palmerini who immediately escaped from her home when she heard that evidence of corruption was found in the Turco case saying, that cannot exist the evidence(By the way, they also forced me to use my paranormal powers to help them ''to solve'' this problem for them, but for the Italian Attorney neither this is a crime)  .... Another '' strange '' in this case is the post of deputy mayor in L'Aquila who received (as a gift) the prosecutor Nicola T. who investigated this case, a place in the city what under control of this damn organized crime -the mafia Petrilli -Mariani-Speranza-Citriniti-Pezzopane-Suffoletta etc.
The same thing with the relatives of these criminals who are ''Carabinieri'' at the Prosecutor's Office who tried to convince me that '' I'm fine '' with their relative, Marco Speranza. (I do not suffer from Stockholm syndrome, therefore: Can I be okay with people who drug you, who sell you like an animal, who poison you, who steal you and who use hypnotic programs and blackmail to stay with a woman...? Do you think that a person who has few heart attacks are fine with a person who let you die, who keep you without medical assistance when you have also cancer? ) The same thing that tried to do even a damn from the Questura, Inspector Benedetta Mariani, the niece of Demetrio Moretti and Annalisa Petrilli (which are using the Rotary Club and Inner Wheel ''to solve'' the criminality of her family; she is even member of an organization for the protection of women victims of violence, and I cannot understand how these women can trust a person like her who protects criminals, rapists and pedophiles from her family) and the sister of Antonio Petrilli-Mariani (another psychopath who claims that I would have been "something" with Marco Speranza's dead brother; the same like a garbage Nicola from Pezzopane's family), with a mother who works for the Vatican's Secret Service. However, these pieces of shit have forgotten to tell also to Marco Speranza that they are relatives because this has said that he is not related to them (but everyone knows that he is a well-known liar). At the end, I must admit that this family is really strange and full of psychopaths like this Benedetta Mariani, who tried to blackmail me to give her ''my power '' (she is not the only person who has tried this thing;  it has become almost a habit for me to meet pieces of shit like her) ... I'm paranormal but I've never heard anyone like me who was capable to give his '' power '' .....
I wrote this post since I returned from Bahrain, but I waited February after I heard them talking that I will make it public only now...because they knew it all when they forced me to get back here ... they just mock everyone, me and my family who've been looking for me for decades and The Knights (bullshit knights) of the Round Table know this very well.

Another thing I know about these damned is that some of them are '' friends '' of the Jews and another part of them are fascists, each of them manipulating  Jews and Muslims with a specific purpose: they want to use the conflict Israeli-Palestine (I heard them a lot of times spoken about this) to start a new war in which both Jews and Arabs are destroyed among themselves.These garbage criminals, ''The White Race'', are the same who have created also Daesh.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Another blackmail

Another blackmail from those criminals that if I want my cigars I must go to work to clean their shit, and this after they stolen my money from Franchetti and MedioBanca and made problems with my job in Turkey and UN.

#Vatican #Templar #Malta #Teutonic

For all those criminals who sent their garbage all over the world to
make me problems I want to tell you this:
I don't give a shit about your mother fucker CROCE! I don't care about
your garbage Croce and your garbage Jesus and for anything that
represents garbage criminals like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This is the result of what you made with me.I hate your garbage
religion and all that represent it...After 18 years of problems from
bastards like you, I hate you and your garbage religion!